Drawing implications for CNC

Drawing implications for CNC Component design for CNC It was mentioned in , that CNC will impose a certain influence on the design process. Components should be designed for ease of production when using CNC-related techniques. Thought must also be given, at the design stage, to future developments that could occur within the production environment….



What makes the CNC machining better than the conven­tional strategies? Is it unrivaled by any means? Where are the principle benefits? In the event that the CNC and the customary machining pro­cesses are analyzed, a typical general way to deal with mama X chining a section will emerge Obtain and study the drawing Select the…

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Computer-aided part programming

Manual part programming The term manual part programming refers to the production of part programs directly in part program codes. It is still the most widely used technique for the production of part programs. To accomplish manual part programming successfully, specialist skills and knowledge are required by the part program­mer. These include: The ability to…


Part programming language

Concept of a stored program All computer-based systems operate by carrying out sets of instructions in a strict and ordered manner. A collection of such instructions is known as a program and the task of providing such instructions is known as program­ming. In the case of a CNC machine took such a program is often…

CNC as a management control

CNC as a management control

Why a management control? It is often quoted that CNC is not a machine control, but a management control. CNC is primarily an automatic machine, or process, control discipline. However, its intelligent adoption also greatly increases the potential control that management has over the production process. Management is concerned with the planning, organising and efficient…