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CNC mill machine operator is responsible for own part inspection. Ability to check work using prescribed gauges, jigs and fixtures to measure close tolerances. CMM inspection ability sought but not required. Ability to change own tools and adjust comp accordingly. Part deburring under microscope is a large part of quality assurance to mitigate FOD. Basic

What is computer numerical control?

WHAT IS COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) retains the fundamental concepts of NC but utilizes a dedicated stored-program computer within the machine control unit. CNC is mostly the result of technological progress in microelectronics (the miniaturization of electronic components and circuitry), rather than any radical departure in the concept of CNC. CNC attempts

Processing of Machining Operations

Processing of Machining Operations Having selected a machine capable of handling the required work, the next task con­fronting the part programmer is to decide on a suitable sequence of operations. In order to do this effectively the programmer should ideally have a thorough under­standing of the capabilities and operating procedures associated with the particular ma­chine