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PRO4824 4′ x 2′ CNC Router Kit

The PRO4824 CNC machine kit capabilities a space-saving layout for those with a smaller store that permits it to double as a workbench whilst now not in use (just park the gantry against the wall). The PRO4824 features Profile Linear guide Rails, our seasoned Rack and Pinion drives on the X and Y axes, and

What is computer numerical control?

WHAT IS COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) retains the fundamental concepts of NC but utilizes a dedicated stored-program computer within the machine control unit. CNC is mostly the result of technological progress in microelectronics (the miniaturization of electronic components and circuitry), rather than any radical departure in the concept of CNC. CNC attempts

Cutting Tool Materials

Cutting tools are available in three basic material types. High-speed steel is one type of tool material. HSS is generally used on aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys. It has the following advantages and disadvantages. HSS costs less than carbide or ceramic tooling. HSS is less brittle and not likely to break during interrupted cuts. HSS