HUKOER 40X50CM 12V USB Desktop Laser Engraving Machine (500MW)


Hukoer usb laser machine

The laser optics and CNC (PC numerical control) are utilized to coordinate the material or the laser bar created. A run of the mill business laser for cutting materials included a movement control framework to pursue a CNC or G-code of the example to be cut onto the material.


Laser Power: 500MW

Development: Body Aluminum + Acrylic

Power Supply: 12V/5A/(110-240V)

Engine: 2-stage 4-wire

Etching Area: 40*50CM

Pressing Weight: 5KG

Pressing Size: 61.533.511CM

Item Size: 594516.5CM

Drive Control Panel: 2-hub, CNC control board

Etching Software: Micro-cut Housekeeper


The bundle incorporate the Install video with glimmer memory circle, with nitty gritty client manual and free software,buyers don’t have to stress over machine Assembly

This laser etching machine can cut the accompanying materials:

Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, a little calfskin (wallet), plastic telephone shell, elastic part, photosensitive section, wipe paper

This laser etching machine can not cut the accompanying materials:

Metal (paying little mind to thickness), stone, clay, jade gems, intelligent material, dry straightforward material, delicate material

Bundle Includes:

Laser Engraving Machine X1

12V 5A Power Adapter X1

Defensive Glasses (Random Color)X1

Little Wrench X1

Information line (1.5m) X1

Test material (Kraft Paper1+ Random Color Sponge Paper2) X1

U plate Instruction manual X1

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  • HUKOER 500mw Carving Machine DIY Kit,Desktop 12V USB Laser Engraver Carver, Engraving Area 400X500 mm, Adjustable Laser Power Printer Carving and Cutting with Protective Glasses
  • This DIY work area (blue purple) laser etching machine is perfect for novice laser etching utilization with grayscale printing,low-light situating and opportunity situating capacities
  • Can be prepared material Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, a little calfskin (wallet), plastic telephone shell, elastic section, photosensitive part, wipe paper, Can not cut metals, glass, stone, earthenware production, gems, silver, intelligent and translucent material