Milling cutters extend metal cutting efficiency

TCK56A Slant Bed metal CNC lathe machine
TCK56A Slant Bed metal CNC lathe machine

Latest milling cutter developments include a Z-axis plunge mill that maximises metal removal rates and solid carbide end mills for machining SS and alloys and hard materials up to 67 HRc

Kennametal introduced three developments in milling cutters at last year’s EMO exhibition, as follows. * The Kennametal Z-axis Plunge Mill offers maximum metal-removal rates in plunge milling. * A solid-carbide End Mill Harvi II, which reduces chatter when machining stainless steels, titanium and heat-resistant alloys.
solid carbide milling cutters for machining hardened steels up to 67 HRc.

** Kennametal’s Z-axis plunge mill provides maximum metal-removal rates with its novel, optimized chip evacuation.

The tool eliminates vibration and improves metal-removal rates in roughing applications.

With these performance features, Kennametal has once again set a new standard in the field of milling increasing the competitive edge for our customers The Z-axis plunge mill has nine integrated coolant nozzles allowing the coolant flow to be optimised per application.

It also features easy to change positive cutting inserts, needs only a single screw, and ensures stable cutting at high metal removal rates.
The tool has applications in the die and mold industry, but is also used aerospace industry and general engineering, said Kennametal.

KDMR is an extended flute drill mill for drilling, pocketing and shouldering.

In addition, KDMR is also suited for deep slotting and facing with diameters from 16 mm to 50 mm and grades for all ferrous materials.

** Solid-Carbide End Mill Harvi II – with Harvi II, Kennametal said it has set new standards for the machining of stainless steels, titanium and high-temperature alloys such as inconel with solid carbide end mills The variable flute geometry of the five cutting edges and a helix angle of 38 deg guarantee chatter-free performance and improved material removal rates, said Kennametal.

The solid-carbide end mills of the Harvi II programme are available in two different point geometries.

The geometry UCDE is specifically designed for machining stainless steels; it is offered as standard in a range from 4 to 25mm.

The geometry UDDE is designed for machining titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys.

Solid-carbide mills with UDDE geometry are available in diameters from 6 to 25mm.

Both geometries are available with cylindrical and in Weldon shank options.

The five-edged tools can be applied for both slotting with cutting depths up to 1xD (D = diameter) and side cuts with a maximum engagement width of 0.5xD and a maximum cutting depth of 1xD.

When cutting titanium and high-temperature alloys, these performance features enable the user to achieve maximum metal-removal rates and reduced machining times, said Kennametal to

The Harvi II programme has applications in the aerospace , medical and general engineering markets.

** Roughing Programme up to 67 HRc – Kennametal has extended its well-proven KenFEED milling cutter series with the introduction of two new types of solid-carbide milling cutters having diameters from 6 to 25mm.

The solid-carbide KenFEED mills are available in two geometries; the tools have been developed specifically for machining hardened steels of 37-52 HRc (KMDA geometry) and 52-67 HRc (KHDA geometry).

With an innovative point geometry on each of the six cutting edges, solid-carbide KenFEED tools work with feeds per tooth of up to 0.6mm, increasing metal-removal rates by up to 200%.

The tools are also relieved to allow improved access when machining cavities or complex shapes The solid-carbide KenFEED milling-cutter program is available in thegrade KC639M, a PVD AITiN-coated fine-grain carbide combining very high hardness with extreme cut toughness, providing an excellent balance of wear resistance and durability.

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