Milling cutters reduce cycle time


Rough milling cutters for machining steels and SS cut cycle time/workpiece by one-third, said a manufacturer, which has also introduced a new supernitride PVD coating for insert tooling

Kennametal said that its KSRM milling cutter can reduce milling cycle times by up to one third and delivers a consistent performance in roughing applications. The insert is designed to resist rotation in cut, which guarantees excellent stability even at maximum cutting speeds, said Kennametal.
Three indexable-insert sizes (20mm, 0.750in and 1in) are available for the KSRM milling system.

The screw clamping enables fast and accurate insert change.

The KSRM milling cutter, is suitable fo ramping, slotting, helical ramping, profiling and plunging operations This cutter, said Kennametal to, is ideal for applications in general engineering when machining steels and stainless steels.

It is also well suited for difficult-to-machine components made of titanium or high-temperature materials in aerospace applications.

** Supernitride PVD coating for standard indexable milling inserts – Kennametal now offers a supernitride PVD coating with low residual stress between coating and substrate.

It provides excellent adhesion allowing thicker PVD coatings and, therefore extended tool life.

It is available on standard indexable inserts in the grades KC510M and KC520M with a hone size of 0.025mm (0.0001in) or larger.

This hard coating guarantees longer tool life even in the most demanding applications, said Kennametal.

The upgrade of KC510M completes the transition from a cast-iron and aluminium grade to a market-leading cast-iron grade for wet or dry finishing operations.