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Dual-Spindle CNC Lathe HCS-25B/32B

Greenway Dual cnc lathe Great unbending nature body structure, machine base throwing is mostly shaped and high inflexibility straight guideway, giving stabler, quicker and higher exactness. Worked in the primary axle is with C-pivot work, rapid, colossal power, high exactness and low vibration which can make the surface of workpiece smoother. Optional:Synchronous revolving guide bushing

Techtongda Precision Metal Lathe Mini CNC Milling

CNC Milling Lathe 750W The machine is utilized for a wide range of machining. It very well may be used for turning, confronting, penetrating, exhausting and turning string. Likewise can be used for accuracy parts handling, test preparing and show. Handling. Public use, straightforward activity, extensive preparation. High recurrence extinguishing procedure and exactness granulating of

Computer-aided part programming

Manual part programming The term manual part programming refers to the production of part programs directly in part program codes. It is still the most widely used technique for the production of part programs. To accomplish manual part programming successfully, specialist skills and knowledge are required by the part program­mer. These include: The ability to